Business Portraits. Photography in Mount Street Mayfair.

This is my favourite style of business photography. Corporate portraits make up a smaller percentage of our commissions but they are most favourite of our photographers. These were shot by Dan for Macro Currency Group at their offices in Mount Street Mayfair.

corporate portraits in Mount Street Mayfair.

corporate portraits in Mount Street Mayfair.

The great thing about corporate portraiture is that you can include elements of the person’s character and business within the image. Dan has balanced these really well here and the use of the Mount Street office interiors and signage have all been used and combined with good poses and a well thought out composition.

Corporate portrait photography decreased in use when businesses first started going online. We used to get commissions for annual reports and pitch brochures but the advent of corporate websites meant smaller images and the use of the simple headshot became very popular. Now with much increased internet speeds larger images are being used on company websites and we have seen a welcome increase the requirement of the well executed corporate portrait.

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